Meeting Your Life Partner Affirmation

As most of us want to meet that truly right person for us, I decided to create an affirmative to help bring that right person to you. May eternal romantic happiness be yours!

Topic: Meeting Your Life Partner

Goal: To draw in your perfect life partner!

I now meet my divine life partner, who is perfect for me in every way!

What’s this “choice” thing, anyway?

When hearing predictions, clients want to trust that whatever they hear in a reading is indeed GOING TO HAPPEN! Clients often believe that receiving a reading is like your employer telling you that your check will be deposited in your bank account on Friday. It better be there on Friday!

But life is not that simple. If everything was written in stone, we could look at our journeys in black and white terms with no grey, no hues, no shades. When a reader offers a prediction, that prediction is based on the current energies and the current state of affairs. If the client does nothing, if the reader is right, predictions will most likely come true. Often clients complain that readers use the “free will” thing as a cop out by claiming, “My prediction didn’t come true because of your free will and the choices YOU made.” Sometimes, psychics do indeed use this excuse to avoid being labeled as wrong – but, if a client makes a choice regarding the original prediction and choice always changes one’s situation, whether in a small, barely detectable way, or in a monumental life altering way, the prediction then may alter.

I think I can speak for most readers when illustrating this example; A client of mine may ask, “When will I hear from my ex boyfriend”? I might respond, “He will call you within 1-2 weeks, if you don’t attempt to contact him prior to that.” The seeker may then extract the part of that prediction they choose to hear, which is that HE’S GOING TO CALL ME WITHIN 1-2 WEEKS! Then, in a moment of impulse and emotional frustration, the client makes a choice and attempts to contact their ex. This can definitely change the original prediction. Why? One very tangible scenario is that the ex boyfriend did not receive the attempted contact well, leading him to feel defensive, perhaps even resentful. That emotional reaction causes the ex boyfriend to become more closed to contact, and he may decide to wait longer, or change his mind altogether.

The client than may ask why didn’t the prediction come true. I try to explain to them that their choice did indeed alter the prediction. Now, we have to look at it fresh, again, based on the current energies, which I am happy to do.

Sometimes clients understand this process, while others become skeptical, and disbelieving. The client might say,”Since your prediction didn’t come true, you’re wrong.” While I certainly empathize with a seekers frustration, the laws of the universe don’t change based on ones desire to hear from their ex.(LOL) In short, the client’s choice changed the outcome.

What I would recommend is for everyone receiving readings to note all of the details and subtleties of a prediction, and understand that predictions are like a painting. If you splash new color on it, the entire picture becomes different. Without altering a prediction through choice, a seeker can truly see if the guidance received is indeed valid for them, aiding in selecting the correct advisor to best suit their needs and spiritual goals.

Voice of the Spirit